Clinton, North Carolina

I found a recall for my 2006 nissan frontier dealing with the fuel guage.

Called Nissan because i have had this same problem with my guage for 3 years. I orginally took it in when it first happened and the dealer told me their was nothing they could do.

after 15 calls the regional specialist called and said if i take it to the dealer and have diagonist test done and it was the fuel guage they would fix it I did and it was then she called me back and said she had done an investigation and they were not going to fix it. I paid 100 dollars to have this done with the intent they were going to fix it.

She said they would not. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she was it and it went no further than her. I told her i would email everybody and she said it didnt matter that it all came to her and after her investigation it was a no.

She didnt come to my house or look at my truck and the test showed that it was the the problem on the recall.

I own several nissan and will never buy another one and i will tell and post this to everyone i can

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i have a fuel guage problem with my 2006 murano. and they tell me it's A ok. it's normal.


did u get any resolution?

what recall are u referring to?


Good luck with any other car you buy. They all have problems. Could be worse than a fuel gauge.


I am going through the same thing now with Nissan and my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. The CSR that I spoke with kept repeating himself as if he was reading a script and he too told me there was no one I could report this to. I find that to be very suspect that Nissan is allowing their representatives represent them this way.

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