Northport, New York

I have a 2007 Nissan Murano, purchased new. The driver side sun visor suddenly started flopping down while driving. It will not stay in place, nor will it stay up. It's very dangerous when it falls, and when I need protection from the hazy sun.

There is only 37,000 miles on the car. The price to replace this item is get ready: $475.00 !!! I find this very hard to believe. Even the service guy was embarrassed by this price.

Nissan, you have got to be kidding me. Next time, I buy Toyota. That price is enough to lose me as a customer!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have the same issue = What's up NISSAN????

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #798983

Purchased my Nissan used in 2012 it was already having the issue but it was not as bad as it is now. I called the consumer service # and they said I needed an estimate so I drove get an estimate and called them back with the information.

Then they told me I had to pay out of pocket 201.74 and then send documentation that I paid it and then they would reimburse me!!! Are you kidding me just send the *** money to your dealership!!!

This is crazy I have owned three Nissan's I love my Murano but, the fact that they know that is a problem and STILL want the consumer to come out of pocket to pay for it is just plan ridiculous!! Do better Nissan do better!!1


Our 2007 muranos sun visor started falling down not long after we purchased. We bought it from crown nissan in greenville sc .

It was used with 29000 miles on the odomete. They would not replace for less than 250.oo. I bought replacement and it started falling almost 2 weeks after being installed. I later found out that this is caused by a design flaw in the ceiling which will not allow visor to raise high enough to lock in the up position.

This problem cannot be resolved and nissan is unwilling to fix. I say they know it can't be fixed.

We will not buy another nissan after owning 3 pathfinders. They have known about this situation for a long time yet they will still sell you a sun visor knowing it will not work

Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States #689775

My wife's Murano has the same problem and to replace it will be $200 to $400 depending on who does it, me or the dealer. Going to use Velcro and like the rest of you, never buy another Nissan again.

Jeromesville, Ohio, United States #681801

My 2007 has the same problem. When I called Nissan Consumer Support they said that since it was out of warranty they would not help.

This is not my first Nissan, but it will be my last. The cost to replace this visor....$215.00!!!!!!


Sadly, my 2007 has the same visor issue. I had it replaced when it was still under warranty. Now it is no longer under warranty and is happening again!

Now I am finding that the seat is tearing. I had a Toyota for 15 years and the seat never tore.

I do like my Murano but these two issues do make me want to go back to Toyota.


Ditto for me. Cost to replace the visor is totatlly ridiculous.

I purchased the extended warranty and it didn't cover the sunvisor. Both of my sun visors are now drooping. SAD that the Nissan corporation doesn't cover this. Sun visors in a 2007 car should not have this problem.

I even wrote to Nissan USA to complain about this problem and they said I would have to deal with the dealer. Just no good customer service for Nissan.


The exact same issue here with my 2007 Murano - I'll never purchase another Nissan!


same deal here pal - i will get a toyota due to this ridiculous sun visor fail!!!

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