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I will start this off with my story (sorry for the length) and the reason I started this page, so here it is.I recently started having problems with my 2006 Nissan Xterras engine shutting off without warning, while driving, and then ultimately refusing to start or when it did start it was misfiring and running rough.

I did some on-line research and found a few sites where other Nissan owners had posted similar issues, one thing led to another and I found out that there was a recall (that I did not receive) of the ECM (Engine Control Module) causing this very issue. I made the appointment and had my local Nissan dealer fix the recall, perfect problem solved, well not really, here is where the real issue starts. The very next day, after getting my Xterra back, the "service engine" light came on. Being the handy "shadetree" mechanic that I am, I plugged in my OBD II engine code scanner and found a P0430 code saying that the Catalyst efficiency was below threshold on bank 2 (a problem with one my catalytic converters).

I called the dealer again to report my issue and to tell them what trouble code I had found and to ask them if the ECM failure was related. He said he would look into and call me back later on that day. Well, during that time, I did some more on-line research and again found sites where people had discussed having the same issue after the failure of the recalled ECM. Hmmmm, it does appear that the failure of the ECM caused the failure of that catalytic converter, good info..

When the dealer called me back I told him what I had found, it was at this time, he told me (off the record) that it was a common issue and that he was glad that I had done my research and that he would look into trying to get it covered under warranty even though my mileage was 2000 miles over the 80,000 mile limit. The next day, when he called me back, he mentioned that he was getting resistance from his end and that he suggested that I contact Nissan directly, so I did. I called them, told them my story, and then waited another few days for them to get back to me with their decision whether they were going to cover the issue or not. When they called they said that they were happy to inform me that they would cover $300 of the $1300 cost to replace the catalytic converter.

I said, "only $300?? I feel that Nissan should be covering 100% of the repair costs because it was the failure of the ECM that had caused the catalytic converter to fail". Well, Nissan said, "Our engineers have not determined that the failure of the ECM can cause the failure of the catalytic converters, but if at some point they do determine that, we will refund all of your repair costs". I don't think it is mere coincidence that my "cat" failed directly after the failure of the ECM, I call BS on this.

I am certain the Nissan engineers know much more about these failures than I do and are keeping it hush so that they don't have to cough up millions of more dollars to fix their faulty engineering.

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Monetary Loss: $1300.


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Exact same issue here, except after performing the recall at local Nissan Dealer, engine light came on and now codes for bank 1 and bank 2 cats are showing bad..

Glendale, Arizona, United States #1251703

I have the same problem, 2005 nissan frontier, ecm reprogrammed, now cat. problem, but cats are new.

pain in the but, this vehicle, have been nothing but problems.

Santa Ana, California, United States #1235642


What's up bro yeah my xterra has the same problem right now and I don't know how to claim this problem Cuz I'm the third owner

Dallas, Texas, United States #1197314

Same as all of you.Had an relay issue that took some time to track down, the day after it was replaced the ominous yellow light comes on.

Dealership said because it was an 05 with low miles (only 58k), they had "broken down" due to non use, wants 2250 to fix.

Was also not informed that the was an ECM relay recall.

Sylvester, Texas, United States #1191726

I have the same issue on a 2005 nissan titan. After taking the truck in to have the recall fixed, the check engine light came on and the catalytic converters are shot. I will not buy another nissan after they abandoned loyal customers


I recently had the same issue and was told high milage made the Cat fail.Meanwhile I am advised to update and reprogram the ECM before both Cats fail.

Did you already try this?I have a 2009 Nissan Cube with 120,000 miles.


I have the exact same issue with my 2006 Pathfinder.It kept leaving me stranded.

My mechanic could not find the problem so I researched myself and discovered the ECM relay recall. I bought the new "updated" version of the relay and installed it. Less than 10 miles later my check engine light came on for the first time ever and it is codes PO420 and PO430.

All my converters have failed.This is BS!


Same problem!! Both cats just went out $3000 to replace what a bunch of ***!!!


05 frontier with 100k and the ecm decides to take a permanent vacation .the part is no longer made and there is not a single one left in the country .

nissan north america is absolutely no help whatsoever . do yourselves a favor and never buy a nissan .

they are pure junk and the nissan corporation and their customer support are completely worthless .you have been warned !!!!

to Anonymous Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1220844


I just discovered the problem, last week.

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