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In 2007 I purchased a brand new Nissan Sentra.

I made my car payments through either their Matrix system or directly paid through my online banking account. May & June 2008, I fell behind with my payments due to health reasons.

July 13th 3008 Nissan Financial Corp repossessed my vehicle. Nissan allowed me to pay three car payments, they reversed my late fee's, but they claimed I still owed three car payments in which they would be willing to refinance to the end of the loan

I agreed to pay the three payments, I sent proof that two payments where missing (I did not know where they got the third deficient payment from)

Finally, I retrieved the car from repossession, then Nissan sends me a letter stating they posted my payment to another account-sorry.

July 26th I was in a accident due to the recall of the brake cylinder in the Nissan. After my insurance paid for the damage and I paid for the deductible

Nissan repossessed my car again on 09/09/08 because they claim that I am 80 days late.

This is the most egregious display of incompencency

and illicit business practices.

Review about: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Let me get this straight.... You're not paying your car note on time, or even at all, and you are blaming the true owner of the product for taking it back.

Does that just about sum it up?! They wouldn't agree to just give it to you?!

Thats just mean.(can you sense the sarcasm? can you?)

to STEVEM #797655

Steve M is obviously a Nissan employee. This person was only two months late and the car is repossessed?

I know this from experience. I lost my job last year and when my wife lost her job in December she requested and received a two month extension. The next payment was due on Feb. 8th.

Still out of work things were tight so we made the payment on March 7th. A collections rep called my wife on March 13th. She informed him ofb the March 7th payment and that another payment woukd be made around March 20th whichwould make tge account current. At 1:30 in the morning a week later a tow truck took my vehicle away.

I had tto pay the two months I was given the extension as well as nearly $600 in towing fees as well as several hundred dollars to the towing company to getmy vehicle back. We made several call to Nissan and every customer service rep. Was rude. They claimed never tk have received the extension agreement after it was faxed and a hard xcopy mailed to them shortly after receiving it by fax in January.

They also never received the March 7 check. Aaron of this negligence caused us undue stress and money. The goal of the two month extension was to allow us to get back on our feet. Instead we paid everything and more.

Nissan refused to pay the towing and storage fees and would not acknowledge negligence on their part.

We will never again purchase a Nissan. Honda will get our business going forwars as their vehicles and service are superior.I

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