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Dear all, I just pruchase a 2006 350Z with 29k mileage and the car is burining oil like there's no tomorrow. 2 qtr every 1k.

I have never seem anythign like this before. Nissan is not even aknowleging that they have a serious problem on their hands. It seems that their responsability ends as soon as you take the car of the lot. for those who have a similar issue we need to bond togther and force Nissan to do the right thing.

I was todl that the car is no longer under warranty and as such I'm on my own. This is really shameful as the last thing that oyu would expect a car with such low mileage to be buring this much oil. I been to numerious forums and it seems to be a major problem with several nissan cars. Nissan is just not doing anythign about this, they are hoping the problem to just go away as tiem goes on.

I have loss all respect for thsi company. We need to start thinking about a class action law suit. Here is clearly a case where a big corporation is screwing the little guys.

Please stay away form all of Nissans product until they are ready to accept responsability for carppy products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Modesto, California, United States #926907

my Nissan burns oil so bad i dont no if its a motor problem or just Nissan ??? 4 qs every



Yup. Same here.

Just got an 06 revup and it goes through 1.5 to 2 ltrs of oil every 1k miles. First expensive car I've bought and also the first to burn oil. Nissan gave me the tsb on this issue and told me it needs a new short block. They want 10 grand for it because warranty expired.

Don't know why prev owner didn't get it done under warranty. Now I'm stuck paying off the 23 grand the car costed me., and I can't drive it because it could die anytime. I live an hour from anything so can't take the risk. Just got another loan for a chevy.

Not gona sell the nissan cause I couldn't do that to someone. Wouldn't be able to sleep at night. If there's a class action suit against nissan I'm in.

This is not good.


Same issue. Mine started burning through oil like crazy a few months ago.

They couldn't find anything wrong with it. Now smokes like its in fire(white/blue smoke) and is no longer drivable.

Nissan's answer? " Let the loan company take it back and come down and buy a new one"


My '04Z started burning excessive oil at about 75K. Nissam put it on an oil monitoring program.

I sold the car before a resolution was found.

No oil leaking but heavy soot in exhaust pipes. Was losing about 1qt/month (1000 mi)


my 350z spend oil too much!!


You can't just jump out there and say don't buy a 350Z because they burn oil. They're one of the best.

If you did proper research you will find that the 06 Rev Up engine is the one with oil consumption issue. Not all years.

to Erwin Modesto, California, United States #926910

my 03 is doing the same thing


Check owner manual.


Check out the oil seal. I do not known about Nissan but my 88 Toyota celica, oil seal leak and the seal sits same place as timing belt and water pump and while waiting to be fix.

I have to add 1 qtr every 20 miles.

You will not see the oil leak on floor or at the muffler, it just gone. Hope this help.

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