Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I leased a 2009 murano in Dec. 2008.

Made every payment. When the lease was up, I elected to buy it. Well this made them angry. I went tot the Nissan dealership in Jenkintown PA.

and their so called finance guy, presented me with a bill of sale that was more than 500 over the agreed buyout price in the lease contract. The man lied to me no fewer than 5 times saying that he didn't know or that's what the computer spit out. What a bunch of bull. After I insisted on him calling Nissan(which he previously said there wasn't anyone at Nissan he could call).

The price was "magically" adjusted to the correct price. The dealership then proceeded to tack on an additional $150 for their so called safety inspection.(They drove it around the block!). Now, the price is down to 150.00 more than it should be. I signed it anyway and when I arrived home, I immediately contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs.

They drug their feet in doing their investigation and their response was that the dealership wasn't going to refund me the money. OK. Nissan in Jenkintown PA, you got that, but any car I buy in the future will definitely not be a Nissan or their High End Brand Either. You guys couldn't sell me a can of dog food!

Beware, especially of this dealership. They treat customers with disrespect, think your *** and are out to rip you off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Buy KIA. :) 8)

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