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Premier Nissan of Metaire had my fiance and I in their dealership for 4.5 hours giving us the run around. We finally signed a contract and drove off the lot.

2 Days later they try to make me sign a new pre-dated contract with the numbers "moved around". Then, a week later, I need $2000 more or they want the truck back!! So I get financing through Shell Federal Credit Union. They won't sell me the car with my prequalified loan through Shell because if they go through the bank they get a "kickback" or money from the bank if I put down that extra $2000 (mind you I had already put down $4000).

I say no, so they ask if we can have Shell finance at a higher rate and pay them the difference! (um no!!!) WTF? So now they won't honor the sales agreement. I'm bringing the truck back, but I'm pretty sure this is unethical and possibly illegal.

They shared info with my fiance and her mother about my finances. They aren't co-signers or authorized on my account (that is definitley illegal).

On top of all this, we would be here forever if I told you all the lies they told us and *** they thought I'd believe. Don't ever buy from these people!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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I am the fiance. My mother and I were informed today by the actual lender (the bank) that Premier dealerships have one of the most terrible reputations in the finance industry.

They apparently pull this alot. The commit scams to get costomers that they think are unintelligent to get so aggrivated they give in to all this.

They also tried a negative-equity scam on his trade in. Unbelievable.

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