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My car started slowing down, and I had it towed to the dealership in Roanoke Rapids, Nc. I spoke with the service manager the next morning, and it took him 3 days to get back just to tell me that I need a new transmission.

Luckily, bc I'm under warranty, the transmission and the labor was FREE! The service manager calls me back to let me know that I needed a new starter and that my air ducts needed to be replaced which would total $300. I told him no, and to just put the transmission in my car. He then called me the next day and stated that im a lucky person bc i just got a new starter for free (his mechanic dropped my starter) and that my air ducts are fine.

Interesting...he was so pushy to have my come out of my pocket for something THAT THEY BROKE! When I went to go pick my car up, 2 weeks later, my air bag sensor light was blinking, my horn didn't work, and the buttons on my steering wheel did not work. The service manager came up there, on his day off, to speak to me. The problem was that he smelled like alcohol (very unprofessional).

We began to discuss the issues with my car, and he said that nothing worked when he received it (which is not true...I have 2 witnesses that can say otherwise). Then he told me that he's not responsible for the inside of my car...and that they will not be doing anything else for free bc I will be paying for it. The other service manager there told my boyfriend that the mechanic told him while working on my car that the sensor light came on, and that he assumed that the service manager called to tell me that. So I called corporate and spoke with Emily.

While explaining what happened she said, "I've spoken with John before, he's such a great manager, and I can't believe that this happened!" So, they go by first name basis now? Emily called me back and stated that when she spoke with Nissan, they only had two mechanics on duty and that they weren't responsible for the damages. She also stated that I had no proof to back up my story! If I were to get into an accident, my airbag will not inflate.

Nissan doesn't care about the safety of their customers! My entire family has been loyal to Nissan for decades.

My car will be paid off next month, and I was actually considering buying a new vehicle. But after the poor service with the dealership and with coroporate, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER VEHICLE FROM NISSAN!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Repair.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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This is very interesting. I am having a very similar issue with Lexus

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