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I feel the need to tell everyone not to purchase a Nissan vehicle. Over the past year, the same part on my vehicle has broken twice.

When the part fails, it causes a very dangerous situation: the car completely loses power WHILE DRIVING! This includes no power steering or braking. The first time, I was going 60 mpg and managed to get the car onto the sholder. The second time, I was going slower, but was on a very curvy stretch of road with poor visibility I was only able to get the car 3/4 of the way onto the shoulder.

Both times my kids were with me. This part is not a cheap fix either: $800-$900. I found out a couple of months after paying for the first fix, that the part was under recall. The dealer knew nothing about the recall, but after speaking with Nissan Corporate Consumer Affairs, I was reimbursed for the part.

The second time it broke (last week), the dealer again denied the part was under recall. I contacted Corporate again and was told my case was being referred to "the highest authority". When this person finally called me, she could not have sounded or acted more bored and uninterested in my problem or the obvious danger this situation put my family in. She told me that once a recalled part was fixed, they would not pay for a second fix.

She had no explaination as to why the local dealer would be unaware of the recalls and was completely unfazed by my concern over the danger this posed to my family. I assured her that her attiutde and lack of helpfulness in finding a resolution to the problem with my car ensure that Nissan would not be receiving any brand loyalty from the Morgan family.

There are many car companies out there and while I know none of them are perfect, I have to believe that at least one has more concern than Nissan about the reliability and safety of their vehicles.

Review about: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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what was the part that failed?

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