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My brother brought his Nissan Sentra in for service which was covered by the warranty. His car was involved in an accident while in their shop.

The car was sent, by the dealer to a body shop owned by Atlantic without my brother's authorization. When he tried to get his car out of the shop so he could have the car repaired elsewhere theshop and the dealer insisted my brother sign papers which would have cleared them of any responsibility. My brother called the Suffolk County Police, and they sided with the dealership, even threatning to arrest my brother if he took the car out of the shop.

My brother is at a loss as to how to resolve this issue. This is mot just an injustice by the dealership, but it seems the police in this area are in the pockets of this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Go online and access your state government website. Go to their State Statute section and search "Mechanics Lien" Educatate yourself as best you can.

Google for small claim court proceedures for your state. Again, Educate yourself as best you can. Make detailed notes of every infatesimal detail of the intire situation, put them in order of occurance, use a word processor and type them out in clear 14 type, keeping each occurance seperated by a space and identified by date. Secure the statements of all witnesses that are frindly to you, have them prepare a written statement, executed in front of a Notary Public.

Finally, visit your small claims court office, as for assistance and file seperate actions against both the dealer and the body shop. If you have physical damage insurance, contact your company, report the incident and ask for assistances.

They may provide you with the services of an attorney. GOOD LUCK!!

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