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I'm highly upset at clay cooley nissan. I went in with a trade in and no money down.

I don't have bad credit. The salesman Glenn is a bad salesman and the finance department is full of extremely unprofessional. This is a dealership that misleads people and takes their vehicles . My title wasn't in my name but in my dad's and on Friday we took there car back and gave them the keys and of course they gave me the run around on my trade Sam in finance we are going to give you your trade back and then on Mon.

we went up still no vehicle. Sam can you be here at 10am on Tue. went up there they said we can take your car and repo it and the trade belongs to use. Now you can get the trade back for the book value if you wan't it back.

Now, you talk about a dealership full of *** and will take something thats not there's. Clay cooley well you've *** with the wrong family we will see you in court.

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Did you find a lawyer im looking for one

Dallas, Texas, United States #774820

I have never dealt with CC at any of his dealerships but I was considering it until I read all of this online. Most Car dealerships are misleading and dishonest.

I tried to work for 2 of them a few years back but was told upfront that you have to do/say whatever it takes to close the deal. The best way is buying from an individual but, you still have to do your due diligence and check the car out both mechanically and the history.

There are also a few whole-sellers out there that you can find really good prices with. Happy Hunting to all!

Houston, Texas, United States #609850

I totally agree. This is the most unprofessional dealership I have ever dealt with in my 20 plus years of buying vehicles.

Worse than side of the ride dealership. They introduced me to every salesman and finance manager on the premises just to get me to buy a vehicle that I wasn't satisfied with the performance. I was surprise they didn't introduce me to the kitchen sink next. A tactic called the turnaround.

If you see a new face maybe you'll buy the car from that guy. They basically held me hostage trying to haggle a price and down payment. I have great credit and new about the product and the games that car dealerships try to play much to their surprise.

I purchased a great vehicle with no haggle no extra tactics just two weeks later for a great price, no down payment, great financing and low low miles in a matter of two hours. They need to learn how to treat a consumer with real buying power.


Most of the people in this blog that have somethig bad to say either think they are 800 beacons with 400 credit scores and multiple repos or do not pay there *** childsupport, mortgage, bills etc. Also most of you got a bad deal because your negotiating skills are terrible if you didn't like the deal no one made you by the car but you!

Most of you people wanting chargers or 300s and were shown a Versa or sentra was probably for your own good. Not even Jesus Christ him self can get you in one of those cars maybe they were trying to help you get In something decent so you wouldn't have to drive around in a POS with 200 k miles on it and no ac. I personally had a good experience there , a young Hispanic stocky man helped me get a BMW 328i for a little unde invoice. Why you ask?

Because I knew what I was doing . So all you peole that are complaining and whining next time before you buy a car know what you are doing or pay your bills and build some credit.

to Mustanggt #742524

What kind of medication did you miss taking?

to Mustanggt #759064

These people are right clay is a rip off

to Mustanggt Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1022729

You know *** well you either work for them or a friend. If you check their BBB report you'll know that you are not so savvy either.

Mr. Know it All.


We went into this place after receiving a flyer in the mail for a discount on a Nissan car. We got down there and and waited 3 hrs because this *** who worked their kept losing the keys to the cars.

they played alot of games with numbers on purchasing the vehicles, and basically i just wanted my free gift, but we hung out just to see if we could get a deal.

they showed us every piece of junk in our price range they would come and told us " uh you didn't qualify for that car" lol.. then they brought us this ugly neon blue piece of *** versa , that hadn't even been detailed inside or out ( ashes from smoke, coca cola on the door handle, and a huge sticker that had been partially removed that said " come see clay on the back"..the fool salesman told us they just got that car in 6 days ago, and after driving it i said " what about that sticker on the back that said " come see clay"...I SAID YOU LIED THIS WASN'T A TRADE IN..I SAID I DON'T WANT A LOT CAR YOU *** I pulled the engine hood up and checked the oil, and there was barely any oil in the crankcase...also it showed 3,000 miles on the odometer ,but someone drove the *** out of it...I took my wife and got the *** out of there with that *** making excuses and i said see ya wouldn't wanna be ya...hah aha


you lease a car, you still need to buy your own auto insurance pclioy. The auto dealer or bank that is financing the car will require you to buy collision and comprehensive coverage.

You'll need to buy these coverages in addition to the others that may be mandatory in your state, such as auto liability insurance. Collision covers the damage to the car from an accident with another automobile or object. Comprehensive covers a loss that is caused by something other than a collision with another car or object, such as a fire or theft or collision with a deer.The leasing company may also require gap insurance. This refers to the fact that if you have an accident and your leased car is damaged beyond repair or totaled, there's likely to be a difference between the amount that you still owe the auto dealer and the check you'll get from your insurance company.

That's because the insurance company's check is based on the car's actual cash value which takes into account depreciation. The difference between the two amounts is known as the gap. On a leased car, the cost of gap insurance is generally rolled into the lease payments. You don't actually buy a gap pclioy.

Generally, the auto dealer buys a master pclioy from an insurance company to cover all the cars it leases and charges you for a gap waiver.

This means that if your leased car is totaled, you won't have to pay the dealer the gap amount. Check with the auto dealer when leasing your car.

to Enita Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1022736

What's your point? No one needs a lesson on that. Do you work for them?


Clay Cooley is typical of most car dealers. They use the "bait and switch" as usual.

Don't expect a fair deal with them and the Finance department is full of the manager's realtives. Bottom line, they are there to make the most money possible at your expense.


To help your life don't buy any vehicles from Clay Cooley Nissan. They are the biggest liars which most sales people are,but these have PHD's.

They take advantage of customers needing a vehicle. They are selling cars without Air conditioning in the State Of Texas as well.

Please dont sign any deal and walk away to any other dealer. Maybe Courtesy nissan in Richardson.

to VERSA 2011 Customer #594610

Well yea isn't that what capitalism is all about to make a profit. And too customers are bigger liars :x

Saint-Joseph-Du-Lac, Quebec, Canada #302393

Wish there is a law for this Crook people and hand it to the STATE senate! Good luck


Yep, When are you people going to learn you cant buy a used car from a franchise dealer ! Much less a new car.

They are all crooks. They all lie, Use deceptive practices, and the Finance guys should be in JAIL ! Along with the corperate JERKOFFS that own them. Ask me how i know ?

I worked for car dealers for 33 years and nowadays its nothing but a big LIE and DECEPTION ! *** i cant even buy a car from the dealer i work for. Also if you do buy a car, dont buy the cheap *** extended warranty, Buy the factory Extended warranty. Read the fine print !

The aftermarket warranties have the right to replace your factory parts with aftermarket or salvage yard parts ! The factory policy replaces the parts with new genuine factory parts with a 12/12 warranty,Its time to put the aftermarket insurance *** out of business ! I will also warn you about buying rusty cars that all these southern dealers buy from chicago,fl etc. They buy at a very cheap price up north in the salt states, "because those yanks know better" and sell them here at top dollar.

always find out where the selling dealer was located.Those rusty cars are down here because they cant sell them up there because they are RUSTY !!!! BEWARE BEWARE !

to trgs60 #759067

I agree but clay cooley and the ones that take part in ripping people off , u will reap what u sow and what does it profit them to gain the world and loose there souls


Oh yeah they some sho'nuff hustlers by all means. The salesman and finance team full of it.It will *** their behinds though. I wish you well in court.


Plain and simple Clay Cooley is a REDICULOUS excuse for a car dealership. They are the exact reason that car salesman get such a bad wrap.

To anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle, I suggest taking your buiness elsewhere. That is unless you are an *** and enjoy getting the run-around and being lied to just to get you there to try to sale you a different car that you don't want. My spouse spent several hours working with Gary to confirm our approval before even stepping foot on their lot. Gary was fully aware of which make/model we were interested in.

After completing their online credit application and receiving approval an appointment was set and we were told to bring our down payment, a bill in our name and references and he would have us in and out of there real quick. That was a bunch of *** We arrived, first thing, when the doors opened and waited a while for Gary to arrive. Waited more for copies of all our information to be made. Truth be known Gary was trying to cover his *** Turned out that the vehicle we were interested in was not at their lot and someone would need to go get it.

Gary claimed that he was having that taken care of ;however, he continued to run off and return trying to get us to look at different vehicles that were the same model but didn't have the same accessories nor price. Needless to say, we continued to tell him we were not interested. I don't think the car shown on their Internet page even existed. It never arrived at their lot.

Even better though, their rude finance manager came to speak with us. He proceeded to tell us that he couldn't get us in that vehicle but could get us in a more expensive/new car but not the model we wanted. I asked him why we were lied to and what the *** was the point of being pre-approved over the internet. He wouldn't answer us and just continued to repeat that this was all he could get us approved for.

What a crock of *** The vehicle I wanted was less expensive. Anyhow, this whole BS process wasted almost 3 hours of our Saturday. Best of all, Gary disappeared and was nowhere to be found once he had the Finance Manager come speak with us. What a guttless wonder.

He couldn't even own up to his own lies. To make matters worse he had the nerve to send me an email thanking me.

I hope that anyone who reads this realizes the horrible experience they put me through and hopefully this will save you from incurring the same type of treatment. Make the smart decision and go elsewhere.

to ***ed Fort Worth, Texas, United States #696656




to 5CARBUYER #759070

Some people do pay there bills and for the ones that might not for what ever reason that still doesn't give them the right to lie cheat and rip people off it sound like u either work for clay cooley r into ripping people off to but wait until it happen to and u will see how other feel

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