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Hi All;

As you know that when we –the customers- decide to by a car, we usually put in our mind two main points:

· Value and Quality of the auto brand.

· The after sale service "honesty"

I bought my Infiniti FX35/ 2009 four years ago, and I regularly checking it at Nissan workshop. Paying thousands to make sure that my car being served by a specialist technician.

My last visit to the workshop I got shocked when I received a report of 4 pages (attached).As I usually do I trusted the report till I found that the technician reported that I need to change the Sparks (attached, page 1, line 6&7) that I already changed them in my previous check.

When I informed the branch manager he called the technician and checked the history of my car, where he confirmed that the sparks already changed and the technician "assumed" that they are to be replaced.

My complain is all about the word "assumed"!

My question is "how many assumptions did the technician made that results in 4 pages repair estimate??

Are we paying money based on "assumption"??

I guess there are parts to be replaced and work to be done but the technician did not "assumed"!!

Does Nissan accept to build it’s after sale service based on "assumption"??

Do you think that I can trust such a workshop anymore?

I do not think that’s its only me whose complaining against Nissan workshop, now it’s known to every Nissan owner how does the workshop operate and how is the Nissan after sale coasts more than the car price which make it none valued car.

....... the above massage sent to the ME office on 3rd Jul , the communicated with me then the service center suspended the car maintenance telling that there is a complain and we should not start the work!!!

an other email sent to the ME office as below :now since 15 days im waiting for my car and no one contacted me !! I never expect such level of customer service from both ME and dealer ..

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • 15 days at the service center
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