San Bruno, California
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My 2005 Nissan 4cyl manual Frontier pings ( spark knock) at low gear. The dealership in Spartanburg, SC said timing is done at the factory and cannot be adjusted at the dealershoip.

Their adviceis that the only thing I can do is use Shell Premium gas. Itried this but it still pings. Someone on line said I need to replace a PCV filter, which I can't even locate.I used Berryman B12, Lucas Oil Upper but it still pings.

How much is this damaging the engine? Are there spark plugs on this car, so I can replace them right now?

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219634, I am very sure, if you have extended warratny coverage on your veahicle, they will have to honour and repari your car.

Contact Nissan of USA customre care, directly, file a complain, open up a file, make sure you have extended warranty though.

Something like Nissan Security Plus plan etc, if you purchased it at the time of your vehicle purchase.

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