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I'm Mr. Jayaraja from Malaysia. Recently I bought a brand new NISSAN sentra 1.6 auto from one of the NISSAN sales centre in Malaysia. I'm having *** of a problems with my new car and no one from here can solve my problem. In just 1-1/2 months I bought the new car and already 6 time took it to the service centre and until now I still facing the same problems. is there no any QC to check the car before it leaves the manufacturing area??? Why a brand new car can give so much of problems??? stated below are my car problems:-

1) High fuel consumption (but NISSAN is made for lower fuel consumption)

2) Fuel meter not stable

3) Outside air enters the cabin (even the recycle lever is closed)

4) Interiors finishing are so bad

5) Air conditioner is warm when the car is in idle mode (it's only gets cold when on the move)

6) Alignment out

Problem No. 2, 3,4, 5 & 6 are solved after my 6th time visiting the service centre in 1-1/2 months buying the new car. Why can't they solve the issue in 1st or 2nd my visit to the centre??? Are they not well trained in Malaysia??? The problem No. 1 still remains and giving me headache. Buying NISSAN car is like a nightmare for me now. Once I went to the service centre and they lost my car key and made me wait at the service centre for 6 *** of hours. I'm facing attendance problem in my work place because of taking off from my work just to bring the car to the service centre. If it is 1 time, should be fine but this is 6 times in a month plus. What's wrong with NISSAN car now days???

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It sounds like you have a lemon. It's unfortunate but it happens and you would probably be better off losing several thousand dollars in depreciation and trading the car in on another make.

Hyundai makes excellent lower-priced cars. They have a better warranty and a great reputation.

You have already gone through so much heartache and headache with the Nissan, you'll never trust it. Good luck to you.


their not supposed to be stable,their about as stable as sam kinison after a coked out night at the playboy manson


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