Bay Shore, New York

During the negotiation of a vehicle always, always, always ask for the price of the vehicle. I was completely taken advantage of as I was initially told the price of the car while the salesman negotiates by lowering my monthly payment and by lowering the financing interest rate.

Makes sense right? Wrong!!! While Nissan lowers the interest rate they are simply raising the price of the car with out telling you. In other words they really are NOT saving you anything when the start talking about interest rates and monthly payments.

No wonder why they rushed the signoff process without reviewing any numbers.

Ok.. It gets better.. I go back to complain that I was rushed through the sign off process and about the "Class Act Sales Pitch" (in my book no more than a *** Artist walking the streets)and I am told after a long drawn out conversation, the manager tells that they are going to do the right thing and make the situation better by telling me they will buy the car back once I receive the title which takes approx 45 days as long as I agree to hold off on completely the customer satisfaction survey and agree to buy another car.

So, I agree and leave the dealer site. He shakes my hand and the whole thing seems to be better now. After two weeks goes by I realize that I was scammed a second time. Daaa..

I really will not be receiving the title until the car is paid off. Bottom Line: Nissan will take full advantage of you and it appears there are no laws to save us from this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Happened to be reading comments to see what was being said about Nissan when I ran across "j"'s comment...

What a big man you are "j" hiding behind your little initial rather than stating your real name and calling everyone else a *** for actually believing what you salesmen say.

Is it any wonder they are bitter and distrusting when they read comments from people the likes of YOU???


Next time you buy a car, do a little home work and what I mean buy that is look for a fair deal. If you are trying to get over on the dealer, the dealer WILL do the same to you.

Expect to be treated fair when you give fair.

When you allow both sided to WIN you won't feel a need to complain on websites like this. Mutual respect goes a long way!!


My Nissan Stealership also tried the same with me. I caught them trying to add 780 dollars to the cost of the car.

I had a low interest rate and they added cost to the car to meet my payment request. They said it was a mistake and took the 780 off and that lowered my payment by 8 dollars a month!!


Its *** like you that make us rich!!! :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :eek :eek :eek :roll :roll :roll :grin :grin :grin :grin

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