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Dear Sirs:

After oil change and normal inspection by a Nissan dealer on 8/17/2010, I was told that my Battery cables needed service/replacement because of corrosion. I refused service for that, started the car with no problem and drove home. The next day the starter wouldn't turn over (just a few clicks were heard).

Thinking a low battery, I hooked it to the charger and cleaned the battery cables and terminals. In just a few minutes the battery was fully charged.

I then tried the starter, but nothing, not even the clicking that I had heard before. I then jumpered the cables to my other car, thinking the battery was bad, but the starter would still not turn over.

I then checked the fuses under the hood and noticed that the spot for a 20amp fuse labeled "ETS MTR" was empty. I borrowed the adjacent fuse and installed it in that spot. Then the starter worked.

I don't know what "ETS MRT" stands for, but I suspect it has something to do with the starter motor. I suspect that someone at the Nissan dealer removed that fuse, but I don't know why it started when I left them. Perhaps something was put in to temporarily complete the circuit and then fall out. What does "ETS MRT" stand for? Should I report this to the Police Dept.? What other reason could there be for the car not starting with that fuse missing?


Clarence O'Neill

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