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Hi, my name is Mrs. Tisha Montesano and I am writing in regards to a 2015 Nissan Rogue which I recently purchased from Woodman Nissan in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Since this purchase on 2/28/15 I continue to have one bad experience after another with Woodman Nissan.

I originally purchased the Rogue with the information obtained from sales staff at Woodman Nissan that it was AWD and could be “locked into AWD up to 60 mph”. This was important as I told the sales staff that I lived in the mountains and it was critical to have AWD in the area I live. I later learned after the purchase that what the sales staff stated was a misrepresentation of the Rogue’s capability.

On 03/03/15 while driving home after work in typical winter weather for the area where I live I was fishtailing trying to make it up a hill I travel up and down daily. I was not able to put the Rogue into AWD like I was informed I would be able to at 35-40 mph. Once in the subdivision where I live I was able to lock the Rogue into AWD and while going down one the curved hills the AWD came out of the lock position and continued to do so. At this point I figured there was something manufactory wrong with my new 2015 AWD Rogue.

On 03/04/15 my husband took the Rogue into Woodman Nissan first thing in the morning to have it looked at since I was traveling out of town for work. It was then determined that there was in fact nothing wrong with the AWD and it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do and unlock itself at 25 mph! This again is not the information that was communicated during the purchase of the Rogue 4 days prior.

On 03/05/15 I completed the general survey which was emailed to me regarding my recent purchase of the 2015 Rogue. I took this opportunity to be very honest in my dissatisfaction with Woodman Nissan and the negative experience I had starting from the car being misrepresented. Approximately 10 minutes after completing the survey the sales manager Mr. Lucas called me to discuss my frustration. He asked for me to bring the Rogue in on Saturday when I returned and he would bring the owner in and “make things right”.

On 03/07/15, one week exactly from purchase, I was back in Woodman Nissan. I met with Mr. Lucas but the owner, Mr. Mike Jackson, was not available. The options Mr. Lucas provided me in regards to “making things right” was to either purchase a new set of aggressive tires for the 2015 Rogue at dealer cost since I was given false information on exactly what the capabilities of the Rogue are, or have me trade it in on another used vehicle available on the lot, and lastly buy back my traded in vehicle for about seven thousand dollars more than the trade in amount. At this time I asked for the owners name and number and made my first phone call to Mr. Mike Jackson and left my first message to him.

On 03/09/15 I went into Woodman Nissan asking to speak directly with Mr. Mike Jackson and was told he was out of town and would be returning the next day 03/10/15 around 11:00am and I was second on his list to call. I also met with Mr. Jase in finance to remove all the extended warranties since this vehicle is a personal safety concern for where I live. I signed to remove all the extended warranties and only keep the GAP coverage for $500.00.

On 03/12/15 I made another call to Mr. Mike Jackson and left another message letting him know I was hoping to speak with him directly regarding my continued negative experiences with Woodman Nissan.

On 03/13/15 I called and spoke with Mr. Jase in finance again regarding why I still had not been credited for the extended warranties, but had a credit of $183.85 for the GAP which was not to be removed and was credited to my account on 03/09/15 the same day I met with him. He was unable to answer my questions and stated he would find out and give me a call on Monday 03/16/15.

On 03/14/15 I called Mr. Mike Jackson for the third and final time leaving my last message to him. In this message I stated I had made several attempts to communicate with him directly regarding my negative experiences with Woodman Nissan. I also stated how I would have liked a return call to discuss my recent purchase of a vehicle that was misrepresented to me and is a personal safety concern for where I live.

On 03/17/15 I called and left a message for Mr. Jase since I did not receive a call back on 03/16/15 from him to clear up my questions which he was not able to answer and resolve the extended warranties.

I believe this entire situation has been handled badly and I continue to receive no appropriate responses. I purchased a vehicle that was misrepresented to me and as a result I am driving a vehicle with safety concerns where I live. The sales person has apologized for providing the wrong information and it is no secret at Woodman Nissan this vehicle was misrepresented, yet they have made no reasonable attempt to resolve this situation. I will continue to express my negative experience verbally and through social media. It is very unfortunate the way Woodman Nissan handles their customers and with my efforts hopefully on other person will have to experience the horrible experiences I have had with Woodman Nissan.

Sincerely a dissatisfied customer,

Mrs. Tisha Montesano

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $32000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Nissan Cons: Responce to obvious defect, Customer service.

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