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I ordered my new 2014 Rogue with a roof rack accessory. The rack does not have crossbars.

I was told that if I wanted croosbars, I'd have to pay $250.00 and set up an appointment to have them installed. I made the appointment and when I arrived was told the crossbars were not ordered. The shop clerk told me to wait while he investigated the situation. After his investigation, he told me that the Rogue croosbars were recalled with no date for replacement.

Why did I purchase a Sport Vehicle? I wanted a vehicle with a roof rack!!! I have a roof rack with no crossbars!

How can I use it? This is insane!!!!

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I was just told they could add them. August 20th 2014.

I think you have to pay install fee too. Let me know of I'm wrong about the installation fee.

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