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BUYERS BEWARE!!! My husband and I bought a 2013 Pathfinder 3 weeks ago and our vehicle has been in the shop twice!

First time Feb. 4th due to our vehicle jerking back and forth while we were driving with our kids in the vehicle. At first Nissan said they couldn't figure out whats wrong then they said it was a sensor and it was fixed. My kids and I have been sick so we didn't drive the car again until Feb.

10th in which the vehicle again was jerking back and forth and now making a very loud knocking sound. Took the vehicle again to Nissan today and it has been there since 9:30 a.m. just to be told "we don't see anything wrong with it" 6 hours later ..... It is so sad that you waste over $40,000 on a vehicle that is already having problems the first 3 weeks and you can't get anyone to help you!

I seriously do not recommend anyone to buy this vehicle!

I regret buying this vehicle and will tell everyone I know to never deal with Nissan again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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It's the transmission. They put junk parts in your car

Cochabamba, Cochabamba, Bolivia #998337

I have a message er.sen.ter. see owners manual on the display of my pathfinder 2013..can you help me with that please

Portland, Oregon, United States #923011

I have also had the "jerking" action in my 2013 pathfinder. When I took it in to the shop for one of the recalls, I asked them to look at.

Of course they couldn't find anything and asked me to leave it there for a day while they drove it around periodically, with the computer in the car to register the action (I called it shuttering, most commonly felt accelerating and around corners). After leaving it there, again, they found nothing and said Nissan won't authorize anything to be done until the action can be registered on the computer. The two service techs said they have had this complaint and is usually a sensor that needs to be reset or a transmission that needs to be replaced...My car didn't fit any of those because they can't get the car to duplicate the action. I commented, in a survey sent to me by Nissan, that this is a dangerous thing to happen, especially on the freeway (as later happened to me after being in the shop) and it should be addressed before someone is injured.

Instead of any concern from Nissan, I got a voicemail (could not call the number back) notifying me I have "incentives" toward buying/leasing a new Nissan product. To top it off, there was another recall AND, this morning a warning message popped up, "Parking sensor error, please see drivers manual". The manual doesn't say anything about the message, that I can determine, so I called the shop, "they haven't seen this error message before, have to bring it in to have a tech look at it". We currently own a Frontier and have owned a Murano and had no problems.

I love the comfort and amenities of my Pathfinder but due to these clear problems, and Nissan's lack of concern or willingness to fix, I will NEVER buy another Nissan product. When my lease is up in March, I will unfortunately be looking at another brand and losing one of the best salesman I've ever had.

Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States #903419

We had to have 2 transmissions put in for the same reason.

I told them yesterday I will NEVER buy another Nissan.

I'm planning on selling it as soon as possible and going back to the Acadia.


to Anonymous Sparks, Nevada, United States #903767

I've only had mine replaced once and it tested as a bad transmission again a few months ago when we took it in because it was jerking yet again! Then the malfunction light kept going on....

What did they do?!?! Nothing! They said corporate will not allow them to replace the transmission again until it breaks down!!! It has been in the shop so many times I lost count between the transmissions, malfunction light (2-3 times), leaking, numerous sensors and the gas cap twice!!

I am counting down the months to trade in this *** and get another car! I will NEVER buy Nissan again!

Los Angeles, California, United States #743846

2 months after i bought my 2013 pathfinder, my start jerking back an forth on low speed, i took to the deal and they couldn't duplicate the issue it's getting worth.

so i hop the transmission will be dead soon, so i can ask for new replacemt

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, United States #610645

I am also experiencing the knocking sound on my 2013 Pathfinder when accelerate in low speed. In high speed, the sound fades out.

It's really bothering me.

I will take it in to find out what's wrong. Very disappointed.

to HTH #624101

Here is an update: Our 2013 Nissan Pathfinder is less then 90 days old. it has been in the shop 4 times and 2 of those times for a week.

I have been dealing with corporate who honestly hasn't done one thing to compensate us or even fix what is going on. They even denied our request to buy it back or replace it! I even called them last week and informed them this vehicle is going to be the cause of an accident and under my bumper to bumper warranty I want a rental car in which they stated "we can't force you to drive an unsafe car but we also can't get you a rental car until we figure out how to fix it."So what am I suppose to do walk my 2 year old and 8 year old everywhere we need to go?!?! Local dealership manager has drove the car and has confirmed numerous times that there is a problem but they can't figure out why its doing it.

The problem is continually getting worst, it jerks back and forth like it is a stick shift out of gear! It started only doing it at low speeds but now it does it at all speeds, freeway and parking lots! I am already looking into lemon law attorneys!!!

Nissan has been the worst company to ever deal with I can't believe it is actually legal to tell someone who has a bumper to bumper warranty to come and pick up your broken brand

new vehicle because we don't know how to fix it! This company makes me sick to my stomach!

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