I thought I was doing a great deed as we're expecting a baby in June and decided to splash and get her a nice new car she feels safe in. so a week before christmas, spurred on by the ability to deal, I traded my great VW Touareg for the new 2013 Pathfinder.

4 days into the experience, she breaks down with 3 kids on board, and calls Nissan who promptly arranged a tow truck. I did the necessary and left work to meet her, she took our second car onto her destination albeit 1hr late. The coolant hose had come loose and needed replacing, was all I was told.

The garage changed the hose and replaced the fluids and they said you're good to go.

3 days later, we mentioned the car is making a noise and doesn't seem to have the necessary power it had before the incident. Give it a few days, we were told. So on Jan 2nd 2013, we brought our new 2013 Pathfinder, with less than 200 miles on the clock to the dealership. The same day, we were told that the radiators, hoses, gaskets and transmission would need to be replaced.

Thats over 4 weeks ago and several Enterprise Nissan rentals, and we're still no closer to get the parts needed.

Every other day, Nissan Corporate call to ask has the garage called, we ask, have they got the parts then. To which the woman always say no, but I just wanted to check... maybe I'm missing something...

Anyway, they are a good bunch of people, just not very focused on customer service. I'm at the point of either asking for a full car replacement or my money back.. I would rather have bought a Ford( no I wouldn't), I mean a Honda or Kia..

I mean i'm buying a $45000 car and yet I am don;t seem to care to Nissan or the dealership since i've already paid and got the car (of sorts).

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West Monroe, Louisiana, United States #741511

I agree I have brought a 2014 pathfinder and I don't even have 3000 miles done had a new transmission put in and still have problems I will never buy another nissan

Dallas, Texas, United States #734714



Link: http://www.carcomplaints.com/Nissan/Pathfinder/2013/

Dallas, Texas, United States #734707

I took my 2013 Pathfinder in since I was having issues with the acceleration in a stop & go scenario...which happens lots when you're in traffic. Especially when you're coasting and all of sudden you accelerate to speed up to keep up with the traffic.

Come to find out, the Dealership advised me that the Transmission will need to be replaced to correct my issue.

But, I do love my Pathfinder...if it wasn't for the Transmission issue it would be perfect! :)


My 2013 Nissan Pathfinder died with 6000 miles on it. While driving home from vacation the rpm's started to go up but the car was slowing down.

We were on the highway at night with children in the car. As we pulled onto the shoulder we looked for a safer place to stop. A deer carcass was in our path and we had no choice but run it over. Got towed and rented a car to get home.

Now our car is 300 miles away which should make it easy to check on it's progress...NOT. I am trying to get it shipped up to our dealer but I am not having any luck yet. Oh well...we are safe and it's only a car! It will be fixed and we will go on.

Life is too short to get hung up or ticked off about car issues. It's part of life these days.


I had the same problems and I'm looking for a class action suit for this, is there one? I've had the CVT adjusted, replaced the torque converter and the transmission.

Had 2 rental cars for a total of a month. Been told I had to pay the "cleaning fee" for these cars as I have pets that I would be carrying around in my Nissan! The Nissan people have been VERY rude.

I for one will NEVER buy another Nissan product, and neiter will a lot of people who have heard my story and looked up Nissan on line! Liz Johnson

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #704995

You need to learn to drive a manuale. I have one and have not had an issue with any thing.Its is 100 time better than GM product that i had. I wouldn't buy a GM or ford.


Get used to it. Nissan like many Japanese car manufacturers cannot admit they have a problem (remember Toyota's brake issues?) The will try and deny the issue and when finally pushed with a class action law suit they will do a warranty extension rather than a much more expensive and extensive recall.

We are in an argument over a 2005 Xterra currently with the infamous transission / radiator failure. The extended warranty calls for a 2500 owner co-payment and the dealership wants $2800 because extra flushes were required to get glycol out of the lines. Nissan warranty does the minimum - not make it right.

Avoid these vehicles snd this manufacturer! :sigh

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #697008

I had my 2013 Pathfinder for less than a month and experienced a hesitation / stall of the transmission at least a dozen times. Seemed to happen most frequently when I was at a stop on a slight incline but would also happen going down highway.

When I would press the gas pedal the transmission would not engage. I would have to take my foot off gas and then try again. Took into dealer (less than 1000 miles on it) and dealer said they couldn't recreate the issue. I told them I was not surprised that but that THERE WAS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG with the transmission.

Service guy said they called Nissan and was told it was a computer software update and that should fix it. It happened again within 3 days and has occurred at least half dozen times since. I will be taking back to dealer and telling them to do their homework.

I am not the only one having issues. Read on a blog that it was a bad torque converter so will have to check on that.

to Anonymous Reno, Nevada, United States #697450

My previous post is listed below regina2662 ... I had the exact same problem and after fighting with them for months they replaced the transmission...

My car was in the shop for a total of 6weeks and it wasn't until I demanded them to keep the car there and have the manager keep trying till it did it that they did anything...

After that it tested for a bad transmission.... Good luck

to Anonymous Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #701391

I have had similar problems since day one with my 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe Ltd. The problems occur intermittently. With the vehicle stopped, I will step on the accelerator. There is a delay of several seconds before the vehicle will move. This situation is dangerous when pulling into traffic or making a left turn at a busy intersection. At other times, the vehicle would be slowing down to the intersection when it loses power. I'll step on the accelerator and the Tachometer is frozen at 600 RPM. After a few seconds of this, the vehicle is back to normal.

I have noted the problems to the dealer at every service. They tell me they reprogrammed the transmission. Since the last service, the symptoms are not as prevalent.

The vehicle has less than 23,000 KM on it and I'm considering replacing it with a Mitsubishi Outlander.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #669885

Having similiar issue with my 2013 Nissan Armada, only 818 miles and It's in the shop now for new transmission as well. Definitely aggravating!! The dealership I bought it from is acting as if it's something I did to the truck.

Wayne, New Jersey, United States #656404

I bought my 2013 Pathfinder in Jan and had my transmission replace 3 times. I car is a lemon and Nissan has agree to buy it back , but the process is taking too long, in the mean time i have no car for the pass month.

Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia #654916

my radidtor hose came off after the drive belt jumped,car was 2 weeks old, and towed away while on holiday,10 days at nissan to tell me i must have been playing with the hose, like why would you. but only the start of my 18 onth nightmare, i also cuts out while driving, or drains the battery for no reason.

had 2 new computers, new fuel common rail,batteries the list goes on, and i have been in court for the last 8 months over it, and Nissan keep ajourning it. :(

Belleville, Ontario, Canada #631615

I bought a 2013 pathfinder witch i love. Great deal and everything until over 2 weeks ago when my husband was on his way home when the suv started to act up.

it was like it had a mind of its own. it felt like the whole suv was vibrating, then lost power, then it started over reving and wanted to ***. if he didnt put it in neutral and foot on the break. that happened several times that he pulled over and had to be towed.

it took a half an hour for the tow truck. the next i called to find out what was going on, and i was advised that it was the transmission module wire that hooks up from the computer to the transmission. witch was wrong. but the did more testing on my pathfinder and come to find out it was the tranny that went on it.

i now sit here with a rental that they say they are paying for. everytime i call i get a different answer as to when i am going to get my suv back.

to katie82 #631853

Mine also tested for a bad tranny and they have had it going on 3 weeks! My post is below I had to take it in 4 times before they finally tested it!

to katie82 San Diego, California, United States #642999

Katia82, I like to know if Nissan managed to resolve the problem with the transmission. This seems to be a systemic problem happening with far too many incidents

Queens, New York, United States #623366

I bought a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder in January, its my second consecutive pathfinder and of course they reason being that I had the best experience with the previous one. It is currently in the shop for windshield wipers for the 2nd time!

And the parts on back-ordered, so I don't even know when I will get the car back?!?!?! Anyone else having this problem???


The worst part is I did research it for awhile before we bought it I checked edmunds.com and even googled 2013 nissan problems nothing negative came up. Since we bought a Maxima from them back in 2006 which is still running with no problems I thought I would buy from them again.


Reno, Nevada, United States #607123

I am so pissed because I just purchased one less then a month ago and my car has been in the shop twice now! Was this ever resolved?!?!?! I'm just trying to find out what the outcome is gonna be in my situation :cry :( :sigh

Bay City, Michigan, United States #603865

There is NO Nissan worth $45k. Period.

Not a very reliable auto.

You are correct and should have bought a Honda, tho definitely not a Kia.

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