Jacksonville, Florida

I purchased a 2013 Nissan Armada almost 4 weeks ago and took my first road trip this weekend. A lady behind me kept flashing her lights and honking her horn for me to pull over. I got to a safe place to pull over side the road to see what was wrong. She said my truck had been leaking some type of fluid the entire time they had been trailing me and there was smoke coming from under the truck. Transmission Fluid was splattered all down the passenger side of the truck and completely soaked the side step. The fluid contined to leak put the bottom of the truck. There had to be no fluid left in the truck. The geers would not shift once I tried to move it to a better location.

I called Nissan road side service and it took two hours for a tow truck to arrive. I had grocery and two small kids in the car with me and it was almost 94 degrees outside. Afraid to run the truck at all I did not turn on the A/C.

I called the dealership where I purchased the vehicle from and they told me that the truck is man-made and stuff happens. That response completely shocked me because it really showed their lack of concern since they had already been paid for the truck.

The truck was towed to the nearest Nissan location which is still 3 hours from my house. After it was inspected they said the transmission line had bust. I was given a rental and they stated I would have to arrange a way to pick up my truck when it was repaired. (A complete inconvenice)

To have this happen so early (818 miles) after having the vehicle, I am afraid of what may happen after even a repair is done. It makes me think the truck was not properly inspected.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $55000.

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