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I bought a brand new Altima 2.5 SL top trim fully loaded, and right after 2 days of buying the car was recalled fro spare tire inspection. And right from first day I have been hearing popping sounds from the dashboard and lately from the rear end as well in the car.

Had been to the dealer they say there is a fault with the face of the center console and they will replace it. But I know I hear popping sounds from everywhere in the car. Also it has a defective front passenger leather seat. The leather has creases and when I mentioned to the dealer they are not pretty sure of replacing it as according to them it is not substantial but they agree it is defective.

But as a consumer a defect is a defect whether it is substantial or not. It is a $31,000 car and I feel I have been cheated.

Can anyone in the forum advise me what are the steps as a consumer I can take to get this car either exchanged with anew car or get refunded?

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $31000.

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I can tell you that consumer affairs at Nissan corp will act like they wanna help but wil fail to fulfill ANY requests. My 2013 sentra that I paid 19k for is rusting already and there's a design flaw in the windshield wipers and hood of the car. They don't care nor does the dealership.

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