Midland, Texas
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I bought a 2011 Nissan Rogue, within the first two months I started experiencing problems. The dealership told me they could not recreate the problem and until it messed up again there was nothing they could do for me.

Within the next month I was left on the side of the road, in an SUV with 7,300 miles on it. I was forced to pay for my own towing (which I had not been reimbursed for still) to the closest dealership. They kept my car for almost a month. They told me my transmission dip stick was mislabeled by the maker and therefore the transmission was overfilled causing my problems.

The car seemed fine for another 4,000 miles.

Now my car is experiencing the same problems and I can not get any help from Nissan or the dealership. Customer affairs department is a JOKE.

The car is unsafe and dangerous to be driving with the transmission deciding when and where it feels like working. I have almost been hit by 2 18-wheelers driving behind me when the transmission goes out.

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Montgomery, Alabama, United States #865927

I too own a 2011 Nissan Rogue and experiencing major trouble with the transmission and ac compressor. After filing complaint with BBB, Nissan Corporate fixed the transmission but now a year later it's worst than before and I'm told there's no warranty to cover the parts.


Take the car to another Nissan Dealer. There are plenty that do care.

If that doesn't work, Call Nissan directly and keep on top of it on a daily basis until they get you some help.

You should have had emergency roadside from Nissan. Look for the 800# in your owners manual.


sorry bra, i am a regional specialist for nissan and i can tell you straight up if you dont own 10 nissans or service at the dlr for every little thing you're screwed also you might buy one car but the dealers buy a hundred every year so who do you think the company will stand by

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