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My 2011 Nissan Juke broke down on the way to work with only 68,000 miles on it. Upon sending the Juke to the dealership, I was told that they believe it had a broken timing chain.

The dealership wanted to charge me $500 to diagnose how much damage was done by the broken chain and then depending on the amount of damage, possibly a $7,000 engine replacement. They also claimed that I didn't change the oil regularly which could have caused the problem. I was offended by this and stated that I changed my oil regularly and had the paperwork to prove it. Before deciding what to do, I contacted the sales rep who sold me the car.

My wife and I had just bought a new car from this sales rep a month prior to this and he had also sold my family three other cars. Needless to say, I consider my family loyal customers. However, upon speaking with the sales rep, I was told that my 60,000 mile warranty had expired and there was nothing else I could do except pay for the dealership to repair the damage. I stated that my car was barely 3 years old and had only 68,000 miles and should not be having this problem.

I was told "sorry about your luck." After researching the internet, I have noticed that Nissan Jukes have been having problems with timing chains and the company refuses to make the situation right.

Needless to say, I will never buy another car from Nissan and I will encourage others to do the same. Whatever happened to a company standing behind their product.

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Thank you for this information. I own a 2013 Mazda Hatch/Touring (bought new) and love it.

Prior to my purchase I was looking at the Juke.

And 5 years later, I WAS thinking about trading my care in for a Juke. However, after reading this article, along with addition research, I will stick my Mazda!


I am having the same issue. Nissian juke 2016 , dealership is stating that it needs a new engine.

It's still under warranty but the warranty will not do anything even though I send all the oil change receipts.

They also stated that it should of been taken care of by the dealership not any other mechanic shop. Now I have a car that is 2 years old that I cannot use.


I had the exact same problem with my 2011 Nissan Juke! I went a whole year without a vehicle because I couldn’t afford to replace the engine.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1070167

Sorry about your bad experience. I had the same problem with my 2011 Juke at 61k miles.

Took it to the dealer and called Nissan USA. After a cple of days they called me back saying that I won't have to pay a penny.

A week after I was on the road with a new engine... and this is why my next car will be a Nissan.

Titusville, Florida, United States #797907

They stood behind the product for 60,000 miles. How long do you expect a car manufacturer to warranty a car?

to Anonymous Titusville, Florida, United States #797928

So I'm supposed to expect this out of every new car I buy? Drive 60,000 miles and drop $7,000 each time.

I don't know about you but I don't have that type of money.

The point is this car has documented cases of a defective part that needs to be fixed. I don't expect them to warranty a car forever but catastrophic engine damage at 68,000 miles due to a faulty part should be covered.

to purespeed722 Akron, Ohio, United States #798247

Fact is you knew how many miles the car was warranted for when you bought it. If it had been a bit past 60,000 they may have made an exception but not 8,000.

I don't know of any company that will, defective part or not.Many car companies have a 100,000 mile warranty so not only does Nissan have some of the ugliest cars they also have lousy coverage. But, again, you knew that when you bought it.

to Jim Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #815573

Please read my response above to Anonymous and explain that one!!! No one should have to replace a whole engine on a 2011 vehicle with ONLY 28,000 miles on it.

Nissan is making really crappy cars and then not standing behind their product or customers. That's why there is a class action lawsuit against them and that's why there is NOW a recall on Juke Timing Chains. But that recall does not help us! I sold that P.O.S.

Juke for a good car. I will never buy another Nissan in my life and I will make it my life's goal to warn others from buying them!!!

to Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #815569

Well, most standard power-train warranties from other car companies are 5yrs/100,000 miles. So I would except to at least be closer to 100,000 miles.

My 2011 Nissan Juke with ONLY 28,000 miles on it had the same thing happen! My timing chain broke while going 45mph and it ripped my engine apart! Nissan wouldn't cover my warranty because I got my oil changed at Walmart and Jiffy Lube instead of the dealership that charges $50+ and because of this they denied my warranty. They said that there was no proof Walmart and/or Jiffy Lube used a Nissan certified oil filter and that's why my timing chain broke.


I'm joining the class action lawsuit against Nissan because they knew about these faulty timing chains and STILL put them in vehicles. Unbelievable!

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