Ashtabula, Ohio

I have a Nissan Frontier 2010 less then 25000 miles.(brakes squeak) Had this problem and took it to Bob Moore Nissan where I was told it's a problem I would have to live with it, after complaining that I did'nt like the explanation, he sald well we can change the breakes and we will soak them in a solution,(I ask a brake guy about this he said he never heard of a solution to soak brakes in) that was a 2 months ago now they are squeaking again when I first pull out of drive way. I'm disapointed that I spend $25000 for a truck with less then 25000 miles on it and told I would have to live with this problem.

I'm disapointed in the responce I got about this problem.

Frank Middleton Tecumseh, Okla. Ph#405-598-3624

I'm upset about how this issue was handeled.

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i have had the same problem about breaks squeaking.on my 2010 frontier. i have taken it in for 2 years.

they told me the last time i took it in that they were suppose to squeak just like the altimas! i have never heard of such! it has less than 16,000 miles on it. mad at this.

should they not tell the buyers when selling these? please help.

at the last staw! email


Nissan replaced my brakes and the squeak went away for a month or two but came back. Then they did something to the pads which helped for a few days.

Now the squeak is back but not as bad as before. I do not want to 'live' with it but don't know what else to do.


Same problem with my 2010 Frontier. Brakes squeaked from the day I bought it (new). Took it in two times and complained but was told it was not a "warranty covered issue". The dealer deglazed the pads but it only fixed it for a couple of days.

Last week I went in for an oil change and was told that Nissan now has a "voluntary recall" that will replace the squeaky pad. FINALLY!!!

So if you still have the problem, ask your dealer about the recall.


2010 Frontier SE, Squeaky brakes started about 10,000 miles and have been with this truck every since. They turned the rotors, squeak went away for about 2 weeks, now it's back 5 to 6 times worse.

Just had the oil changed and there was a maintenance bulletin to lube the brakes, not the pads, which should take care of the problem. It didn't but the brakes are not as squeaky as before. Taking it back to the dealership this final time, will talk to owner if I have to. I told them that F150's don't squeak, Dodges don't squeak nor does the Toyota.

So, what they are saying get rid of the Nissan and buy their competitors truck. Don't get me wrong, I really like my Kingcab Nissan.


I have the same problem. 2010 Frontier, less than 21K miles. Always squeaks when backing out of the garage but also common when stuck in stop/go traffic.

Love the truck but the brake noise if terrible.


slight occasional brake noise can be normal,it should not be all the time especially after the brakes have warmed up.tell your brake guy...there are many chemicals to soak or coat pads with....get a new brake guy yours is a ***!!

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