I purchased my 2009 nissan maxima sv 6 days ago. Today I started the car and warmed it up for 15 minutes before driving it,because it was chilly outside.

After 5 minutes of driving the car,it sounded like a cannon went off in my car. The most frightning thing I have ever experienced! Then I could hear glass falling. Thank God both shades were closed otherwise I could have been seriously cut up with all the flying glass.

I cant imagine with all the reports of exploding panoramic sunroofs Nissan or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)has not issued a recall. Please contact the NHTSA so they know these are not isolated cases. A nissan sentra exploded this morning right after mine did, the dealer reported . This is dangerous, I could have been cut by flying glass, or wrecked my car, this should not be happening.

I hear other makes and models with panoramic sunroofs are also exploding. They need to do a recall to protect consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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League City, Texas, United States #968987

Last week in my 2011 Maxima--the Panoramic Roof exploded as well--I thought someone shot at me and of course Nissan doesn't stand behind it at all and my insurance doesn't want to pay for it either--looks to me like we should all file a class action lawsuit--fix your product nissan!!

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #964419

Same exact thing happened to me in my 2013 Maxima.

Nissan will not cover anything even though I have a bumper to bumper warranty.

London, England, United Kingdom #893561

I had had the same problem with my 20 day old juke having murders with Nissan taking owner ship as they don't warrent their glass.... I've called HO today as customer after care appalling!

Directer stated he doesn't deal with personal calls normally which I replied why above your pay grade to which I got a yes! Shocking how people think because the wage they get they shouldn't deal with situations the only reason I called was because the people employed to do the job are shocking!

Have had the car seen by a specialist and even he is baffled no impact point on the glass trying to get glass but even Nissan can't provide price or part for a while so a waiting game! Not happy!!


Today my 2009 maxima Panaromic moonroof exploded while driving on the highway. It sounded exactly like you described a large booom. I also had my cover closed otherwise glass would have been everywhere.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #803325

I had this problem happen to me just a few minutes ago. My shade was open and the wind was a little high in the area an it shattered.

I have a 2009 Nissan Maxima S and I am being told that I am to pay for this out of pocket.

I am taking this all the way to the top. This is sad.

Mcallen, Texas, United States #783557

Orlando Guerrero

That same thing happened to me it was a cold day 32 degrees I was going to work when i heard an. explosionI thought I was in an accident then i heard glass coming from the sunroof. I had just bought the car 5 MONTHS AGO it's a 2009 Nissan Maxima

Dallas, Texas, United States #691588

this just happen to my daughter's 2009 Maxima. I am very grateful to God that her shades were closed also.

She would have been cut up, she too were frighten because of the loud noise.

WOW - Come on Nissan - they said it could have been a rock or something. WOW My daughter and her father both bought Maxima- We will know the next time.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #664328

I had the same issue with my 2010 maxima, nissan is bullstuffing me they arent covering it even thoughits still under warranty! ill never buy from nissan again! Email: Jose.royal339@yahoo.com


this happen to mine too :(

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