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We bought an 07 Nissan Versa new off the lot five years ago. Two years ago, the air conditioner began to malfunction.

It would periodically shut off, blow hot air, turn back on, blow freezing cold air, and sometimes snow. The extended warranty on the car was still valid, so we took it to the dealer, and they kept the car for two weeks, said they couldn't replicate the problem, and returned the car (and we paid $50 for them to do nothing). The problem returned, we took it back, they said there was a leak, so they fixed it (after another $50 deductable)...a week goes by, and the AC quits again. We took it back, they claimed there was a bubble in the line, and they had to evacuate the system and recharge the AC (they tried to charge us another $50, but my husband refused).

A few weeks after they "fixed" it, the AC stopped working again. I don't know how many times we took it to that dealer before giving up, but the car had been in the shop for more than 30 days at this point. We decided they were hacks, and took the car to a different dealer. This dealer kept the car for more than a week, claimed they couldn't find the problem, and changed out a switch of some sort.

As soon as we get the car back, my husband discovers the rear defrost is broken. A month goes by, and the AC quits again. My husband began to suspect an electrical problem, and he started pushing buttons and turning knobs, to see if it might make the AC kick back in. He even honked the horn...and the AC started to blow cold.

A few minutes later, the AC started blowing hot again; he honked the horn, and the air turned cold. We took it to the shop again, explained about the connection to the horn. They didn't believe us, but changed out the head unit, and fixed the rear defrost (they wanted to charge us for the rear defrost, but they were the ones that broke it while trying to fix the other issue). We get the car back after another two weeks.

A few days after getting it back, the AC goes out again. We took it back to the shop, the service rep came outside, and held his hand up to the AC while it was blowing hot; my husband honked the horn, and it started blowing cold...He witnessed it himself, but rather than investigate a possible electrical problem, they change out the compressor. We get the car back, and the AC breaks again (SURPRISE!). At this point, I get rather angry.

I wrote a complaint to Nissan, and received an email saying that my complaint has been transferred to a regional representative. I got a call the following Monday. I demanded a loaner car (which they did provide). Nissan flew some guru out to the dealer to check out the AC.

He found a loose connector and tightened it, and claimed to have fixed it. One week later, the AC started blowing fog, and then quit. Honking the horn does nothing at this point. It works when it wants to (blowing freezing cold, humid air), or it blows warm air.

I called the consumer rep and left a very irritated voicemail, and have not heard back. I want to sell the car and be done with it, but I'm too honest to lie to someone, and I think Nissan should be held accountable for selling us a lemon, and robbing us of close to 3 months' worth of driving.

It would be cheaper for Nissan to buy back the car, than it is to pay a mechanic to continuously work on it all the time. This has been a frustrating, 2 year long experience, and I just want it to end.

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if its a versa put the switch to the defrost position the ac comes on then turn it back to the vent position and it keeps working


Yes our AC on the Versa broke too after 2 years - 2007. They tried to fix it but it never worked well.

They put in a coolant and it blew out one time into our face. It had been a very negative experience. The Versa is a lemon car!!! and the dealership let us down.

We had numerous other little problems with the car, like rain running into the front panel after a bad storm.

We took it in several times to the dealership and despite saying they fixed the problem they never did. We will never buy a Nissan again.

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