Plano, Texas

Changed the battery on a 2006 nissan pathfinder and resulted in transmission failure. Took it to the dealer they tried to sell me a brand new Transmission.

Then when i dissagreed! they said, "it could be just the computer". I took it to reputable repair shop that has ordered a new solonoid (that is on back order) and Nissan are not aware of this.

I think it is a manufacturing defect and want to know when a lawyer gets a class action suite against Nissan. Also beware the dealers don't know what they are doing for repairs.

Next time a battery goes out maybe I should buy a new vehicle, and not a Nissan!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Repair.

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What solenoid did you make change?



I just changed the battery on my 2006 nissan pathandfinder and it fried the electronics to the transmission. parts on back order must be a common problem.

Why dont they put a fuse to prevent this. Who is doing a class action suite on this.

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