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I have a 2006 Nissan 350Z with 31,000 miles on it. The first set of front tires lasted almost 25,000 miles I took the car in to Nissan they did an alignment, put new tires on the front, and I left.

I just noticed the other day the car was making a Roaring noise coming from the front when we were slowing down, my wife was driving, it's her car, when we got a chance to stop I asked her to pull over and turn the wheel hard one way or the other so I could check the inside of the tires, sure enough the inside of the tires were starting to wear and cup again after 6,500 miles on the new alignment and tires. I took it back to Nissan, they checked it and said the Castor/camber was out of tolerance, and we must have hit a pot hole or something with the car. My wife said she has never hit anything with that car.

I went on the web and I was shocked at the same exact complaints about this car that I am having, evidently there was a class action suit from 2003-2005?, and the problem was suppose to be fixed in 2006, well, it is not fixed , and I want some answers !!, and they wonder why people loose their temper !!!!! I want some answers NISSAN, you take our money, now fix the problem, or get out of the Automobile business!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Have similar problem on '06 350z. Had 2 new tires installed on front & aligned at 45k miles; noticed at 73k miles that excessive wear inside of front tires.

Paid $285 each tire Bridgestones. Went to dealer & they said there is no guarantee on mileage on Z.

They said car should be aligned each year.

I reviewed user manual and there was no mention of doing alignment each year! I think the Z still has something defective in their alignment methods.

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