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This sun visor problem is dangerous and Nissan needs to recall it before someone has an accident because it blocks the view of the stop light and they get killed. People should not have to pay $300 for a sun visor.

I don't think Nissan can fix the problem without having to spend to much money and time because wiring issues. It is sad that such a nice running automobile can have such a unsafe problem. I will not buy another Nissan auto if Nissan will not stand behind their product and fix such a unsafe problem that needs to be recalled.

I have a 2005 Murano and both my visors have fell. I think the heat has something to do with it melting the gear and when you pull it down the gears break.

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Same problem with my 2005. Both visors stay down.

Called Nissan and they could care less and quoted 280.00 for new ones. I still have the car and have modified them with Velcro as a temporary fix. Gave the car to my daughter and bought a Toyota Highlander.

Good car but too many little problems and Nissan does not seem like a stand up company. Another lost customer.


What a bad news about Nissan and their 2003/2005 murano problems.i luv Nissan product.i once own premera 2.0 /nissan hardbody they are all perfect.but now am using 2005 Nissan murano I don't no my faith.well what e ver.

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I loved my 2005 Murano until the sun visor on both sides starting falling down. It is too dangerous to drive now.

I thought I had found my dream car and would just buy a new Murano when my old one was ready to be retired.....not now. Nissan you lost a good customer because you will not fix a problem you know you have.


We have the same issue with our 2005 murano. The driver's side visor fell a couple of years ago and the driver's seat is very loose.

Has anyone fixed either of theses problems themselves or have any tips? Especially the seat issue-that seems most dangerous but I hate to have to spend a ton of money on it.



My 2005 Murano has the broken sun visor on the driver side, and the broken driver front seat. Short of going to a junk yard and hope to find good working replacement parts, what should I do?


I have the same problem on 2006 Murano - mind you after having to fix a failed HID ballast, broken fuel sensor, rattling driver side door window which they fixed once but only lasted a month or so, and other stuff. Never buying another Nissan. Tischer Nissan Maryland pissed me off after I was asking where this safety issue was covered in the warranty and he just spouted off $280 for the visor (not sure if labor included) I laughed hung up- called Nissan consumer affairs listed as the 2nd step - we'll see what they do........jeeze.......


I have the SAME problem. Now it is happening to my passenger side visor.

SO irritating!!

I can think of a lot of other things to spend $600 on other than 2 sunvisors that I have already paid for once!!!

Is there anyway to find out how many of us have this issue? Maybe if there are several of us we have a better chance of getting Nissan to do something about it.


My 2004 Murano has the same visor problem. Mine is the driver side.

I connected a couple strips of velcro from the visor to the plastic overhead center console (by interior cabin lights). I didn't want to attach it to the headliner or next I'd have it drooping.

I checked cost at an independent repair shop and the parts cost is about $220, Nissan wants to charge $300 for the part, but hey they said they wouldn't charge me for the labor to install it. This is a HUGE safety issue and this part needs to be recalled.

Other than the visor, the car is great...110k miles and runs like new.


im having the same problem with my 2005 murano its disgusting could not see the car in front of me because Visor does not work


yeah so i had the visor problem on the passenger side fortunately and removed the visor and removed the foam and fabric covering and would you know they used duct tape to close the seam where the visor connects to the bracket assembly that is screwed in to the cabin roof. no kidding.

planned obsolescence. duct tape.

i took pictures. i had to engineer a solution, but it was great to see how they created the problem by inducing it.

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