Cleveland, Ohio
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own a 2005 Maxima 75k miles..recently started having issues with the transmission, like so many others. Called a few transmission places and they are all well aware that these Nissans have a faulty transmission and say Nissan wont fix them.

I bought this car with a WC settlement so I wouldnt have to worry about a car payment, now looking at @$3500-4k for a transmission...this is BS...ive contacted corporate Nissan in TN to see if they will do anything for me. AT 75k I shouldnt have to replace a transmission..there is definetly a defect and Nissan should repair these for us at their expense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Hey service support,Echo Apha Delta ya fag.You prob a dealer there and lied to sell a gomer pile of you just to make a buck.You shouldnt reply cry cry and have some common curtousy people here trying to find honest answers from these major life changing events.You kiss your momma with that mouth crybaby?


:cry :cry here is another customer who feels warrenty should last forever if that was the case everyone would be out of jobs :cry :cry :cry the warrenty should last 200,000 miles for you right

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