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If you have a Nissan Murano and have had trouble with the transfer case cracking or failed....please go and respond to this poll!! We need to stand together to make Nissan admit that their transfer cases are faulty and should be recalled!

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On March 2, 2011, my Murano started making a strange clicking noise under the hood. It sounded like there was a rock in the tire or a loose part under the front end. By March 3, 2001, the noise was upgraded to a loud banging, with the whole front end of the vehicle shaking. I took the Murano to my mechanic Touchette Auto in Ottawa on March 4, 2010 for a diagnostic and was later contacted March 7, 2010 and told that the noise was a transmission issue and that I had to take it to a transmission specialist. I started my search online for problems of this nature and was astounded to find that the CVT transmission issue is a huge problem in the 2003 Nissan much so that I am surprised that a class action lawsuit has not been taken up with Nissan!> > > > I contacted my warranty company and they advised me that the transmission issue would be covered by Nissan because of the Extended Warranty related to the CVT tranmission for up to 10 years/120,000 km. I was relieved to hear this and promptly took my Murano to receive attention at 417 Nissan, 1599 Star Top, Gloucester, Ontario (613)749-9417. Today, March 8, 2010, I received a call from John GOOD of 417 Nissan with my diagnostic results. I was told that the problem was NOT the transmission but gave me a list of problems as follows:> > -cracked transfer case> > -transmission seal (x2--apparently for each end of the transmission.)> > -catalytic converter> > -O2 sensor> > -switch control unit

> -subframe> > > The quote for this repair? $6333.00 plus diagnostic cost! Mr. GOOD said that none of this was covered by the extended warranty!! I went back to A-Protect Warranty Corporation and was advised that the Nissan quote was ridiculous and that all of those issues are related to the transmission. They said that they could direct me to another transmission mechanic who would repair the vehicle for much cheaper and that they would only cover $1000.00 of the repairs.> > > > I know that I am not the first person to contact Nissan Canada regarding this issue. I am not being unreasonable when I say that Nissan is trying to pass the buck by claiming that the transfer case/seals are not covered by the Extended CVT Warranty. It has been the subject of many complaints and I know that Nissan has paid for the repairs when they have been pushed against the wall. The CVT Transmission has been a headache for Nissan and I can\'t believe that when customers ask for compensation, they are being turned away with a \"sorry, we can\'t help you.\"> > > > How can a part-the transfer case-and the seals on either end of the transmission---which are all directly related to this faulty CVT transmission not be considered part of the warranty coverage? If I tell you right now that I don\'t have $6333.00 to fix the vehicle and I drive it until the transmission blows up, will Nissan cover the damage then(under the Extended Warranty of course!) > > I have now spent the last 2 weeks being bounced back and forth, trying to have someone offer assistance in this matter. I have spent hours on the phone with Nissan customer service reps in Canada and the US and no one wants to help me. I have never been so frustrated with a company and I will not just walk away quietly, accepting the cop out of Nissan on standing by their product!! I am viewing over 500 complaints on regarding Nissan\'s unwillingness to help their customers. That is only one website.....I can list many more!

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Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States #1073273

i have a 2004 nissan murano same problem transfer case cracked


Mine cracked too. Same issues with warranty company it was not cover.

Bought an extended warranty for 599.00 waited 30 days and sent it to a shop. 100 dollars deductible, but it was better than dealing with manufacturer warranty jerks.

Rochester, New York, United States #1050381

My 03 murano never gave me a sign at all, i heard a banging sound now and one minute later my traansfer case splits in half. And of course no extended warranty covers for the part or the repair.120000 miles well maintained and now is sitting on my driveway because i don't have 2,300 dollars to fix it. It's a shame nissan don't want to own to their mistake.


We bought my wifes Nissan Murano used and took it to the dealer to fix some repairs on it. We drove it home and my wife took out the car later and broke down on the side of the road.

We contacted Nissan and brought it in to be repaired again. Thought everything was good and then my wife keeps hearting a sound that gets louder as she goes faster and took it back in. NIssan is asking for $3900 for transfer case and we just paid $1800 a month before.

They are crooks and I also have a household of 4 and now need to save up to pay these thieves. Class action lawsuit!

Ladys Island, South Carolina, United States #663373

2003 Murano never driven in any type of stressful situation for the AWD system. Transfer Case popping and knocking out of the blue.

It will be Mazda or Toyota next trip Nissan. Thanks for looking after your loyal customers!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #607931

I just received the bad news that my 03 Nissan Murano "transfer case" needs to be replaced. They want almost $2000, and that's without any other issue this "transfer case" might of damage.

I hate this car, and Nissan because they know there's so many complains about it. They should re-call this, and they would have more loyal customers.


:( very very unhappy with my 2003 nissan murano.. this thing with the transfer case is crazy.

I try and keep my car maintained and this problem should have never happened. I am very disappointed in this car.


Add to My previous post. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Not sure why it put me in that I was from BC.


I'm in. Girlfriends ''03 murano transfer case just caved.

They want $5000 for replacement. They say that try can give me 10% off the bill.

Lets get some answered and make a stand. Why can't they admit there is a problem and put out a recall.


05 Murano, lets get this together.. Please because this is unfair....


How do we start a class action suit. Because this is my only mode of transportation. what do we need to do?


Transfer Case broken on 03 Murano. Extremely dissapointed and unhappy, good bye Nissan.


I hate them I have spend over 4000 and still they is something new to fix wtf is wron with Nissan lost a true Nissan client'!!


2003 Nissan Murano -- had to buy a transmission 4500.00 - now the transfer case is messed up -- I have 145,000.00 miles.. so I know I'm not under any type of warranty.

I have also had to replace the controls arms and the shocks are shot. I have spent more money on this car than it would take to buy a new small car!!! I will never buy another one -- I love the look of it, but that is about it!!!!

Took me months to get service on the transmission as well - their service is aweful!!! rip off!!!


Great post, I have a 2009 Marano, same thing going on with that model. At 43k we had the transfer case done under warranty, now at 80k it is doing it again.

After arguing with dealer that this should be covered.

I have been referred to HQ. according to these post they will not stand behind the product.


I was driving my car yesterday and began to hear these really loud noises and my car wouldn't go over 20 mph. I had it towed to the dealer who told me it was the transfer case and a estimete of $3500. With the other stuff that's wrong total $5200 :(


I have a 2003 Nissan Murano. Last year I had the transfer case replaced at a cost of $4,000.

After one year, it broke again. Cost to fix $4,000. I will never buy Nissan again.

Customer service is a joke. I had nothing but problems with this car from the beginning.


I have a Murano 07 and 54K miles on it. The transfer case is gone yesterday and it will cost me 4100$ repair and asked NISSAN about the probleme and they say that my warranty is over in may2012 so it is not covered any more. I will never buy another Nissan car, when i saw all the complaint about the transfer case , i couldnt believe that a company can let its customers like that.

Future customers , stay away fron NISSAN cars!


:upset I can't believe that nissan is not standing behind their transfer cases.I to have put in over $3000 in repairs on my 2003 murano and now the transfer case is cracked with estimates close to $3000 more.I use to own a pathfinder and drove it forever and never had any problems but sold it to buy this piece of junk.As much as i liked the pathfinder and the driving of the murano i'll never buy another nissan product unless they come through with some help on these crazy repairs.


I can understand everyone of your frustration I too own a 2003 Nissan Murano I have already spent over 4000 in repairs and now my drive shaft is bad and. Transfer case they told my I needed new brakes and axles which would cost me 4000 more please whatever you do don't take your car to Middletown nissan they are crooks!!!!!!

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