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I recently noticed in the last couple of months a few spots on my drivers door tape thinking it was just worn out tape on the top of the door. Little did I know the drivers door and now the passenger front door around the window frame are rusting out from the inside and now to the point where the rust is so severe both doors require replacement and the safety and integrity of the door is now compromised.

I brought the car to my Infiniti Dealer in Naperville Illinois to look at the issue and confirm if there were any known recalls or campaigns with Nissan for the rust issue. I was informed there was a known issue regarding the door rust for 03-04 G35 but not for my 2006 G35x. The dealer confirm the corrosion warranty was up and there was nothing they could do assist in helping with my issue with the exception of contacting Nissan Motor Corporation. I called Nissan the next day and open a case with them and was contacted the next day.

I spoke with David regarding the rust issues on both doors and indicated they are rusting from the inside out and feel outside of the cosmetic issue the door safety integrity has been compromised. I mentioned the car has been garaged most of its life and an 06 and should not have this rusting issue. Clearly due to the issue the 03 and 04 had there is a design issue or integrity issue with the door that was not resolved for the 06 G35 as it was last year before the design change. David asked me to go to my dealerships body shop for estimate to send in for review.

I went the next day and obtained an appraisal from Lisle Auto Plaza Body Shop in Lisle Illinois and they to agreed both doors were beyond repair and were written to be replaced. I submitted the photos and appraisal the next day and David called to confirm all was received. 10 days passed with no call so I called to follow up and was told the decision was being made the next day. The next day David from Nissan Customer Care called and stated they were not able to assist at all with the replacement of either door and indicated the cause was environmental and not Nissan`s issue.

I could not accept this and indicated both of my 2006 G35 front door are rusting from the inside and is clearly a design or part integrity issue and not a environmental issue. He again stated there was nothing else he could do and offered a service spiff instead. I indicated this was not acceptable and requested a call back from his supervisor. A call was received the next business day from his supervisor who stated their decision stands and doors are rusting from the inside out due to environmental factors and was not Nissan issue and their decision was final.

Advised I still would not accept this and she stated this was end of the line for my file. I am posting this all can be informed how Nissan stands behind their products and how they really feel about their customers-THEY DO NOT CARE. My main concern outside of the unsatisfactory look of the rust is the safety and integrity of the doors in crash.

I often have my small children in the vehicle and now feel the doors integrity is clearly compromised as the doors are rusted out and getting worse. It is sad Nissan/Infiniti is not concerned about the safety and integrity of the parts used on my vehicle to assist further with this unacceptable rust issue that can easily be resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Auto Part.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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You live in the Chicagoland area and have some tiny rust bubbles starting on your 8 year old car....say it isn't so!

And why does the 2nd photo show paint that looks like it's never been washed let alone had a coat of wax put on it?

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