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Purchased my 05 Pathfinder years ago this is my 1st Nissan and last Nissan ill ever purchase (previous Toyota customer) We were excited when we drove home with our new pathfinder, we take care of our truck and engine very well even the techs at the dealership are impressed, we change the oil regularly ourselves, a yr later after purchasing the truck we had the transmission flushed and brake fluid flushed costing $350 then last year we replaced the u-joints this yr the dealership recomended us to have the transfer case and coolant done did the transf case job at dealership and had a family mecanic do the coolant job, then a loud deep vibrating grinding sound started when the gears changed around 40 and 55mpr brought our pathdfinder to the dealership to get it checked out, got a very surprising call that the radiator went bad and leaked fluid into the transmission causing both to have to be replaced for a grand total $4671. Ok i was so upset, confused and shocked this was really happening we take care of our truck and engine and just had the transf case done 7/11 and nothing was wrong with the radiator nor trans.

I contact Nissan corp office for help since we dont have $4600 to drop for repairs (we still owe $$ on the darn thing)...ok so after about 2 weeks of them investigating if they will help pay for there defected radiator issue and the transmission surprise surprise they denied the request and refused to pay for any of the repairs (even tho they are aware of the bad radiator problems) and instead of recalling the radiators and replacing them they just extended the warranty to 8yr or 80k miles. Since we found out about this big problem I did some research and found this is a very commom issue with 05-10 pathfinders/rogue/armada and Nissan is fully aware of the problem. Even tho Nissan corp office refuses to pay for the defected part problems I am very greatful that the dealership i took the pathfinder to has an awesome sales rep and tried so hard to convince the rep at corp office that was handling my case to pay full for the repairs but corp office would NOT pay the sales rep tried to negociate they pay all of it if i could pick up $1000 but the wonderful nissan corp office rep wouldnt even except that not really sure how this is going to be paid but the dealership sales rep is going to replace both the radiator and trans and i just have to pay $1000 well its a lot better than $4670 but still im out $1000 for a defected part that Nissan is fully aware. Nissan is causing hundreds of customers thousands of dollars for there defected product.

I am a very PISSED OFF Nissan owner and this is my 1st and last Nissan im going to EVER buy and im going to tell as many people as i can NOT to buy from Nissan they have so many issues with defected parts in there engines causing engine break downs and they will not step up to the plate and take care of it or recall the parts. This is wrong if they know there is an issue with the radiator why on earth dont they recall and replace it instead of extending a warranty that pretty much EVERYONE is out warranty anyways, to own a 05 under 80k miles in 2011 ya right....NISSAN YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED...I hope and pray there will be a class action lawsuit regarding this situation cause I want my $1000 back..after i payoff my Nissan im going back to Toyota I will NEVER EVER buy another Nissan again...

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Customer Care.

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:cry :cry here is another customer who feels warrenty should last forever if that was the case everyone would be out of jobs :cry :cry :cry the warrenty should last 200,000 miles for you right




I find it interesting that you blame Nissan Corp. even though the problem with the radiator showed up after the "family mechanic" did the coolant flush. just sayin.

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